This course is for the educator that has already started educating. You just want to WIN and be the best! You may have taken a course on Platform Artistry but need a little more assistance. You may have worked for a company and are now on your own. 

NEW JERSEY --TBA-----$299

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  (973) 378-8999 Educator: Tomeka James/ Weave X-Perts Team

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 DSW value $600 8 hrs----- DBU value $400 4 hrs---------Lace Prep Segment 2 hrs ------LACE FRONTAL value $500 4 hrs --------LACE CLOSURE value $600 8 hrs---------- NO BRAID EXTENSIONS value $600 8 hrs ---------PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT value $300 4 hrs -------HAIR SALES value $300 2 hrs--------- PROMOTIONS value $400 2 hrs (Social media, Video editing, Live)

2019  Dec. 8-11

2020 Dates Jan. 5-8/  Jan. 12-15

Tomeka James

Join The Webinar on December 2, 2019 at 7:30 PM EST. This webinar is to get you thinking about what you possibly want to do in your near future. It’s time to make moves. It’s always time to make moves. It begins with you letting it out on paper. If you haven’t stopped to focus on you, now is the time to do so. Rest assured that this won’t take long. If you’re really honest as you join the webinar, it Will be Powerful and Life Changing! The answers to your future lie within you! Let’s go! Anyone can join the webinar. It's not only beauty related.

3 Day Course January 26-28, 2020 ( Sun- Tues) NJ Tomeka's Beauty Location Learn Hand Sewn Closure, Lace Closure weave, NO Braid Extensions, DSW (Detachable Sewn Weave, Sewn Wigs, Custom Bonded Wigs with Measurements for clients who are not present. Tomeka James and the Weave X-Perts are your educators. A tool list will be sent after registration.

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Get Coached  1 Month with Tomeka James

Reg. Rate $499 Insta Deal $249 req. $99 Deposit

Spend 2 Sessions with Tomeka James

-Initial Email to determine what you need to work on

-Speak for 45 min ( phone more webinar)

-Speak for 45 min 

- 2 emails for communication